Winter Cycling Wardrobe

What is the best thing to wear on a winter bike ride? What your thought process should be:

Amna W. Khan, VERTICES Intern,


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Bike- opolis

Which North American city is the most bikeable?
Amna W. Khan, VERTICES Intern,
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The Greatest Grid: The Master Plan of Manhattan

C. Bachman’s View looking south from Union Square, 1849.
Courtesy MCNY
The grid pattern has been around for thousands of years and every city that has adopted the gridlock plan has a personal relationship with it. One of the most famous grids in the world is celebrating its 200th birthday and it is , you guessed it, Manhattan. Manhattan has much support for its grid as it does critics. Many architects, designers and planners have argued that for a space as small as Manhattan it has used one of the most effective planning devices to maximize space. This however may be problematic according to some professionals. Many argue that because of its tight, enclosed grid spaces, there is not one structure in Manhattan that can be fully appreciated at a distance. To read the full appreciation or critique of this city, view the article here.
Amna Khan, VERTICES Intern,
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Mapping Location Information from Flickr and Twitter

Eric Fisher, a digital cartographer has created a series of maps that shows the locations of people when they upload a message or a photo on Twitter and Flickr. This displays the density of certain areas and the distribution of resources. The purpose of these maps is to make inferences on how people live and the connection to one another that we have today. As the perspective of a city planner, Eric Fisher says these maps are both positive and negative. This data is successful in that it depicts where and what people are responding to but negative in that being able to see where people are losing interest. To view the full article click here.

 Amna W. Khan, VERTICES Intern,
Source: The City Fix 

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