GIS & Community Mapping

GIS or Geographic Information Systems is a system designed to  present geographically referenced data. It utilizes various technologies and techniques that are practical in the fields of planning, public policy, and public health. Community mapping is an incredibly useful tool in these fields. By using Mappler and Mappler Mobile, which are based greatly on GIS technology, organizations can better visualize points of interest by having them displayed on interactive maps. This ability can and has already benefited communities, while it has additionally provided government officials, businesses,  and organizations with a useful tool for decision making and dissemination of information. To learn more about the capabilities of Mappler, please visit: Mappler: Connecting People, Connecting Communities.
Click here to view a great deal of interactive maps developed by using Mappler, in the subject areas of education, environment, government, health, transportation, history, and more!
New Jersey Highlands Council Interactive MapNew Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council has created this interactive map as a planning tool and a way to provide the public access to various types of information. These include zoning, preserved land, state planning areas, agricultural resources and many other data sources.
Safe Routes To School:  Safe Routes to School began with the goals of fostering community involvement and creating a safer and healthier environment. By encouraging locals to go out and assess the quality of their walking or biking routes, it is possible to raise awareness about community issues, forge stronger bonds between members, and create a means for education on healthful habits.