Benefits of Green Buildings

1. Lower Building Costs
Initially, the cost of building an environmentally conscious building may be expensive. However,a piece of sustainable architecture will pay for itself in the long run. Energy efficient design techniques as well as habits may reduce building costs by inexpensive habits such as opening blinds of windows and using less light in the day time.
2. Improved Productivity
According to the Journal of American Public Health, occupants of a green building are more likely to be productive then those that occupy a non-green building. This is because a green building focuses on healthier and natural living for humans, by simple tasks such as opening blinds and letting sunlight in rather than turning on artificial lights. Green buildings also focuses on proper ventilation which in turn reduces stress levels.
3. Sustainable Architecture has Higher Market Value
Sustainability is in high demand because of the recession and the high costs of energy. Initially the idea of sustainability is expensive but green buildings in the end pay themselves off in the long run and are inexpensive in the future. Commercial as well as residential buildings that include sustainable practices obtain a higher market value because of the low living and occupancy costs in terms of utilities. The vacancy rates in green buildings is lower and the occupancy rates have increased over the past few years.

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